Flossing Is Not a Hoax

A significant number of kids and adults prefer to tell teensy white lies about their oral hygiene habits rather than be scolded by a dentist. When it comes to periodontists and other dental professionals, they are likely to know the truth no matter how much you argue against it, especially when it comes to teeth cleaning in Lake Jackson.  

When it comes to oral hygiene, the most frequently overlooked aspect is flossing, which is touted as a way to prevent gum disease and maintain oral health. Below are facts that justify flossing as not a hoax and something that should be done regularly to maintain proper oral health. 

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Flossing Is an Essential Part of Proper Dental Hygiene 

What's the Point of Flossing? 

When you think simple advice from the dentist to floss isn't good enough, consider the following: 

  • The accumulation of food particles and other bacteria on the surface of and around the teeth contribute to the formation of cavities. 
  • Flossing removes particles that brushing can't reach between the teeth and the gum line. 
  • Flossing and brushing properly can eliminate or, at the very least, lessen bad breath. 
  • Regular professional cleanings and examinations are enhanced by good oral hygiene, which reduces the likelihood of future restoration and repair work. 

Another good reason to be honest with your periodontist is that gum disease can be caused by other things besides what you're telling the dental professionals. If your gums reveal signs of infection despite constant flossing and brushing, this could be an early warning for other severe medical conditions, including cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis. 

Aging Teeth Need Care 

Teeth require care in order to last a lifetime. Dentures have been the mainstream treatment in the past several decades. However, natural teeth encased in healthy gum tissue and bones are better preserved today. If your mouth is healthy, you'll be more likely to smile, eat a better diet, and feel better all around. More so, several patients lose teeth from gum disease than from cavities after 35 years old. 

Maintain good oral hygiene and visit the dentist regularly so you won't be a part of the alarming statistic. Make an appointment with your dentist for a periodontal examination at least once a year as part of your regular dental checkups 

It's also essential that you make sure to adhere to your dentist's cleaning schedule. If you experience pain, notice spots on your gums, there is bleeding, swelling, or redness, don't hesitate to contact your dental professional. 

Teeth cleaning Lake Jackson

Teeth Cleaning in Lake Jackson Saves Teeth! 

We, at Woodshore Family Dentistry, hope you aren't making teensy white lies about your flossing habits because we see the consequences of poor oral hygiene every day. Our dental professionals often prevent the progression of gingivitis or periodontal disease if you have bleeding, inflamed, or sensitive gums, or other symptoms.  

The alternatives aren't all that appealing, though. That is why it’s important that you care for your dental health as early as possible. Schedule an appointment with us! 

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