How Drinking Affects Your Teeth and Gums

Food and drinks will affect your teeth and health even when you practice proper maintenance. Your mouth encounters a lot of food and beverages, and most of these can cause harm to the teeth without proper care. If you want to know more, you can look for a local dentist in Clute, TX. 

If you want healthy and functioning teeth by the time you reach senior years, you have to remember the practices that your dentist would advise against. Alcohol is one beverage that people are commonly told to avoid, especially when it involves your teeth. 

Dentist in Clute Tx recommends against alcohol

The Effects of Alcohol on Your Teeth and Gums  

Alcohol can significantly affect your teeth and gums, especially when drinking alcohol becomes part of your daily routine. This can be bad for you and your teeth as it increases the chances of developing infection. 


Beverages that are carbonated or have alcohol content can affect the teeth and oral health. Drinking these beverages that have added color will surely stain the teeth and wipe out that white smile you were sporting.  

Alcohol that is heavily colored like malts in beer, sangria, or red wine can result in dull teeth. This is especially true for those who blend their booze with dark sodas, which not only stains teeth but also contains a lot of sugar that may cause further dental issues. 


Alcohol, especially mixed with sodas, can decrease saliva production, leaving the mouth, teeth, and gums dry. The saliva helps the mouth in cleansing, and the decrease in saliva production will give way to complications. 

According to dental experts, alcohol is also a diuretic.  This means that persistent alcohol consumption causes a decrease in bodily fluid capacity, resulting in an elevated feeling of dehydration and thirst sensation. After a night of drinking, heavy drinkers may notice that they are becoming progressively dehydrated or that they have dry throats. 


Bacteria is commonly categorized as good bacteria and bad bacteria. Heavy drinking will help accumulate harmful bacteria in the mouth, which would lead to the teeth getting stained and decayed. There are also instances when too much alcohol consumption will result in gum diseases. Hence, if you don’t want to experience any of these, it’s best that you limit your alcohol intake. 


Alcohol has a certain amount of sugar contained in it. Drinking too much liquor will also lead to tooth decay because it dries out the mouth. Likewise, it creates plaque and bacteria that attack the teeth and gums.   

Drinking alcohol oftentimes causes blood sugar to spike or fall, especially if you have diabetes. Furthermore, alcohol is high in calories. If you must drink, do so only when your blood sugar levels are under control. Likewise, a single drink of alcohol should be recorded as two fat exchanges if you're on a calorie-controlled diet.

Dentist in Clute Tx recommends against alcohol

Looking for a Dentist in Clute, TX?  

Now you know that the effects of alcohol can do so much damage to your teeth and gums, make sure that you avoid high alcohol consumption as much as possible. You can visit your local dentist in Clute TX, or head over to Woodshore Family Dentistry for more info.  

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