Prepare for your Visit to the Dental Implant Clinic

Facts You Need to Know Before Visiting an Implant Dental Clinic

Many people consider dental implants when they need to replace missing teeth. It can help to learn about the process before you visit the implant office. One main thing people need to understand is the length of the implant process. The process requires an oral surgeon and takes several months to complete. You can have a single implant or replace several teeth. Full-mouth implants can give you an entirely new smile. Learn how to prepare for your first implant visit with these important facts.

Find an Implant Dental Office Near Me

Start your dental implant process by finding a reputable dental clinic. You can call your insurance company and ask for dental implant near me. You can also search online for an implant dental clinic. Some general dental clinics do not offer dental implant services. If this is the case, ask your dentist for a referral to an appropriate dental clinic. Woodshore Family Dentistry can help you with a dental implant treatment plan.

Prepare for your Appointment at a Dental Implant Clinic

You can schedule a basic exam and consultation at dental implant clinic. Before you go to the appointment, have your dental records sent to the implant dentist. This helps the dentist come up with an appropriate treatment plan. You should also have a dental exam and cleaning before you begin implant treatment. If you need other dental work, have it done first. This way your oral health is good before you undergo the long implant process.

How successful are dental implants?

Dental implants have a 98% success rate. A dental implant can fail immediately or several years later. Talk to your dental implant specialist about the best ways to prevent failure. It is important to make sure you get gum disease under control before attempting an implant. You should also pay close attention to your oral hygiene. Some underlying health conditions, such as diabetes can also cause a failure. Talk to your doctor about your health history and possible risks.

How many teeth can be replaced with dental implants?

You can replace one tooth or all of your teeth with dental implants. When an entire set of teeth is replaced, dentists may use all on 4 dental implants. You only need 4 anchors for an entire set of teeth with this method.

Looking for Dental Implant Clinic

When you begin to look for dental clinics that do implants, think about your needs. It can take several months to get your replacement tooth. It can help to have a dental clinic tooth implant near your home or clinic. This makes it easier to get to your appointments on busy days. Make sure you can get the services you desire, as well. If you need a full set of teeth for example, find an all on 4 implants dental clinic. Call your insurance provider, look online, or ask for recommendations to find quality dental implant clinic. Woodshore Family Dentistry can help you get ready for a new smile with implants.

Reputable Dental Implant Clinic Near me

You can check the credibility of a new dental care clinic by looking at the website and checking for customer reviews. Many dentists place their photograph and a biography on their website. This includes credentials such as education and experience. You may even see some before and after pictures of implant patients. Gather as much information as you can about your dental specialist before you commit to treatment.

Dental Clinic Tooth Implant Procedure

Before you begin treatment with implant dentistry, you should have a consultation with the dental specialist or surgeon. You can discuss the treatment plan and ask questions. After an exam and consultation, you can make an appointment with the surgeon to place the posts in your mouth. The surgeon makes an incision in your gum line to reach the bone, inserts the post, and stitches the gums closed.

You must wait for the bone to grow around the post through a process called Osseointegration. This can take several months. Your dentist can check the progress with x-rays. Once the bone regenerates, the surgeon reopens the gums to attach the abutment. The surgeon closes the gum tissue and you must allow time for this to heal. The final part of the implant process involves placing your new tooth on the abutment.

Who needs dental implants treatment?

Patients with missing teeth may choose dental implants as replacements. You may have a tooth extraction if you have extensive decay, a bad infection, or a broken tooth.

Are dental implants safe?

There are risks with all surgical procedures. Plan a consultation with your surgeon to discuss the risks of implants. Risks may include infection, nerve damage, and sinus problems. A Dental Clinic in Clute, TX can help you prepare for the procedure.

Important Features of Dental Clinics that do Implants

You can find clinics that specialize in restorative care only, or you can search for an all-inclusive dental clinic. Take the time to research the dentist or surgeon you plan to use. It is important to meet with the doctor to find out about your treatment plan and learn about payment options. Some features you want may include the following items.

  • Payment plans
  • Close to your home or work
  • Extended hours
  • Full-service (general dentistry and restorative care all in one place)
  • Doctors that explain the process well and listen to your concerns

Paying for Dental Implants

The cost of dental implants can deter people from moving forward with treatment. Talk to your insurance company to find out if the cost is covered. Implants may fall under the category of cosmetic surgery, however. Most insurance focuses on necessary medical procedures, only. Your dentist can determine if you require an implant to improve your oral health.

Many dental clinic offer payment plans for expensive procedures. If you do not have insurance, you may also get a self-pay discount. Discuss the payment options before you begin treatment to avoid surprise charges. Explain your budget clearly to the financial representative at your dental clinic.


You can enjoy a natural-looking smile with dental implants. Take the time to learn about your options for tooth replacement so you can choose the best one for your lifestyle. Your dentist can help prepare you for dental implants. You should remedy major dental problems before getting implant surgery. Once you begin the process, your new smile is only a few months away. Make an appointment with Woodshore Family Dentistry to get started with dental implants today.


When you feel ready to replace a missing tooth, you can visit an implant dental clinic. Talk to your general dentist about your dental health and tooth replacement options. Your dentist can make sure you heal properly after an extraction before you start the implant process. Your teeth and gums must also remain healthy. Remain vigilant about your oral hygiene so you can remain healthy for your implant procedures. You must prepare for a surgical procedure if you decide to get implants. The surgeon makes an opening in your gums to place the post. It takes several months for your bone to grow around the post, securing it in place. Once the post becomes stable, the surgeon opens the gums back up places the abutment on the post. This needs to heal for a few weeks, then you can get your new tooth. Schedule follow up visits to make sure your implant heals properly. Call your Emergency dentist immediately if you have pain or swelling. Infection can happen, at times. You may find it helpful to have a consultation with an implant specialist. This way you can discuss a treatment plan and ask questions before you make a final decision. Implants can help restore your comfort, your smile, and your self-esteem.

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