The Clear Advantages Transparent Aligners Have Over Other Traditional Teeth Aligning Methods, Like Braces

Who does not wish for a clear set of straight teeth? Recently, many people are choosing to align their teeth with transparent aligners over traditional methods such as braces. Why? Because there are many conventional methods, such as metal or ceramic braces, which people have used for ages to straighten their teeth. Nevertheless, these methods have proven to be pretty uncomfortable, not pleasing to look at, and do not provide patients with the flexibility and the added convenience of removing them at will. 

There are many ways you can straighten teeth nowadays; everyone with crooked teeth can choose their preferred method. Although a perfect smile is a popular reason to get braces or aligners, there are also many other reasons people decide to fix their teeth, such as: 

- Crowded Teeth 

Crowded teeth could result from mouth trauma or a genetic issue passed down to you where your jaw is too small to hold all your teeth comfortably. This can lead to many problems such as gum diseases, mouth ulcers, and jaw strain. 

- Spacing Between Teeth 

People might want to get braces because the spacing between their teeth is too broad, also known as a diastema. This results from missing teeth, abnormally small teeth, or poor dental or oral hygiene in the past. This problem can cause gum diseases or the teeth becoming loose. 

- Overbite 

An overbite is when the upper front teeth extend out over the lower front teeth. If you have a pronounced overbite, it can lead to excessive wear on your tooth enamel and jaw pain. It can also lead to potential damage to the roof of your mouth and sometimes a speech impediment.  

Advantages Transparent Teeth Aligners have over Traditional Braces. 

Traditional braces comprise brackets and archwires across the teeth, which are held together by elastic ties. The dentist uses dental cement to stick the braces to the teeth. It takes around one to two hours to place the braces, and the dentist calls you for a regular checkup every three to 10 weeks. Braces usually cause people to experience tightness and discomfort every time they are adjusted. 

Transparent teeth aligners treat widely spaced teeth, too-crowded teeth, overbites, crossbite, mild relapse, and other issues. The dentist scans your teeth to take impressions, and the aligners are specially engineered to fit your teeth. Furthermore, the dentist provides you with one or two sets of aligners for every checkup that takes place around four to six weeks apart. Throughout the treatment, you can expect to use about 20 to 30 sets of aligners.  

Advantages of Transparent Aligners 

- They are Practically Invisible 

Rather than forcing yourself to not smile because of the visible metal braces, transparent teeth aligners are invisible. They are incredibly discreet and rarely get noticed by anyone. People have been hiding their smiles for the longest time because of self-esteem issues, which is not an issue with transparent aligners. 

You can now talk and smile without caring about what others think about your braces. These aligners are invisible, especially if you take extra care of cleaning them. 

- You Can Take Proper Care of Your Oral Hygiene 

Traditional braces make it very hard to brush and floss your teeth, and that is why some patients experience deteriorating oral health. However, transparent teeth aligners can be removed whenever you need to brush and floss, and you can pop them right back on your teeth. 

Keeping good oral hygiene is a must, which becomes hard to do when you wear traditional braces. You can develop gum diseases and gingivitis when hygiene is neglected. However, because of the convenience and flexibility transparent teeth aligners provide you, you do not have to worry about such issues. 

- More Comfortable than Traditional Braces 

Along with being unsightly, traditional braces can cause a significant amount of discomfort. The wire can get stuck in your gums and cheek and cause ulcers to form, and the brackets can cause lacerations. However, transparent teeth aligners are smooth and made to mold to the shape of your teeth. No wire or brackets can cause ulcers in your mouth when wearing invisible aligners. 

Furthermore, braces can also change a person’s speech which can cause the person to be self-conscious in front of others. Transparent teeth aligners do not cause any such discomfort by obstructing the way you talk. 

Are Transparent Teeth Aligners Safe? 

Transparent teeth aligners are entirely safe to wear. Before starting the treatment, dentists make sure to do a comprehensive exam of the situation of your gums and teeth. They check for any cavities or gum disease. The dentists make sure you are a suitable candidate before starting your invisible aligners treatment. 

However, in large part, the safety depends on you, how clean you keep your mouth and how well you follow the dentist’s instructions. 

The Cost of Teeth Aligners in Texas 

You can expect the cost of transparent teeth aligners to be around $3000 to $5000 in Texas. This depends on how many sets you wear, how long your treatment lasts, and what type of invisible aligners you get. Fortunately, most insurance companies cover a substantial portion of the cost for the patients.  


It is undeniable; transparent teeth aligners have many advantages over traditional braces. At Woodshore Family Dentistry, we have experienced dentists who can help you straighten your teeth with transparent teeth aligners. If you wish to know more about this orthodontic treatment, visit this page on our website.

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